13 Nov 2007

We are definitely heading towards December - it's sooooo cold out!!! Brrrr
I am working on some tourquiose earrings again. They are in the style of the ones I made for my sister, but the stones are skinnier, longer ovals. I'm also working on those 10 pairs of Japanese paper earrings, the ear wires are working out. I had my lesson this morning (I have a lesson roughly every week or so with a jeweller) so I had my teacher try on the earrings to see if they hang correctly and they did. So I'm happy about that. So this afternoon is all about soldering ear wires. Tomorrow should be about finishing all the polishing for these earrings and hopefully preparing the paper. Thursday should be glueing the paper and getting last things ready for the craft fair. And friday should be doing a test run of setting up the table, adding price tags to all items and polishing everything that needs to be polished. Then I'm ready for Saturday!

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