2 Jan 2020

Happy New Year!

It's the new year! Happy 2020 everyone! I have many plans for this year, not least the exciting work on the jewellery book. The publication date has been moved back slightly to July of this year, but all is going at a pace in the background. The photos are looking amazing, the text and photos are being put together, and Janet and I have starting editing and we're looking at EVERY DETAIL. There was much excitement when we discovered the book is already on Amazon!!!! No pressure then!!! ha!

Here's the link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silver-Jewellery-Making-step-step/dp/1782217355/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=make+jewellery&qid=1575366994&sr=8-1
and we've even set up author pages so if you click on our names you get way more info on us then you're ever likely to need.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the photos. The designer and photographer put together this photo of the polishing tools and it looks like a painting! I've never seen polishing tools look so pretty!

In other news, in November I brought a selection of jewellery to the always lovely New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham. Not only do they have an excellent jewellery display, there are always interesting other crafts to see there, such as fabulous ceramics! You can see my work on the New Ashgate website here: https://www.newashgate.org.uk/shop_artists/7702/c/101/machi-de-waard/jewellery

Also in November, I taught a very fun and succesful class at Henley School of Art. Everyone made fabulous silver rings and the atmosphere was great.

In my other classes in Reading and in Chesham, students continue to make beautiful and unique pieces. (for information on upcoming classes, see http://www.machidewaard.co.uk/classes/)

Twisted wire bangle with thin round wire and thicker square wire - tricky soldering the join! -by John

Lovely textured rivet swivel locket with a great weight to it - by Hilary

Interesting stone with very flat sides, so set from the back - this is the front with very crisp edges to best show off the stone - by Lucy

Double ring with loose 9ct yellow gold brackets soldered around them - but loose so you can fiddle with the rings - by Natalie

Set of rose gold spiral earrings with crystals on a wire wrap loop - by Jo (fabulous Christmas presents)