22 Jul 2013


My lace collection has been getting a lot of attention lately - perhaps it's the warm weather or the season of weddings soon approaching. September is peak wedding season, according to a wedding facts booklet I once got from Cookson Gold. In any case, I still have plenty of my small lace imprint stud earrings, available on Etsy.

The 13th wedding anniversary is the lace anniversary, which doesn't make it easy to find a gift for the husband or non-lace loving partner. But my lace cufflinks include a lace imprint without being girly or obvious. Also available on Etsy.
Also in the same collection, I have a narrow and a wide bangle which have a pleasingly soft finish. They are larger items, so have a certain tactile quality that is not so present with the smaller earrings. I don't have them available on Etsy at the moment - simply because sizing is much easier in person! If someone knows what inside diameter they need, then it's easy. If you like seeing jewellery in person, I will be at the Festival of Crafts this October at Farnham Maltings! More about that closer to the day, in the meantime some photos of the bangles (6mm wide and 11mm wide):

1 Jul 2013

new bangles

Shiny new bangles...in stages....

Waaaaaaaaay back at the beginning, making them round and cleaning them up:

Then some more polishing and adding the gold ball.....

Then more polishing, yet more polishing and some more polishing on top of that....and voila....a chic, minimalist bangle with gold ball detail. Bangle is 4mm wide....