23 Nov 2007

Arggghhhh *still* working on photos!!! But, getting much easier, thanks to the new light tent I made yesterday courtesy of this website. I have been meaning to make this light tent for ages and it was easier than I expected. I didn't have the right size box, either, but adapted a much larger one. For anyone having problems with their photos, especially for shiny jewellery, I'd recommend this!! As an example, I was able to take this photo with no clean up in Photoshop:
Note for anyone with a fancy pants camera: you do need to adjust the white balance. That sounds more technical than it is. There's a switch somewhere on the camera, usually somewhere in the menu, where you choose if you are taking photos in sunlight, shade, fluorescent light, etc. So if you are using a light, you can indicate that so your photos don't turn out all yellow.

It's a lovely blue sky out there today! hurrah! Maybe it won't rain today. Last night we did loads of cleaning, so no excuses anymore not to go for a 'jog'. Hopefully a 'jog' will happen this evening. I put 'jog' in quotes because I'm so slow it probably qualifies as a fast walk.

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