2 Nov 2007

On Saturday the 12th of November I am participating in my first craft show! It was arranged by a friend of mine and it will be at her kids' school. It's an xmas fair and apparentely there will be wine and snacks! I will be bringing water and snacks anyway just in case, since I read all the tips for craft fairs on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5288383

Some other sites with tips for craft fairs:

I have a list of things to take and am working on stock. I have a lot of rings, a lot of earrings, and a bunch of necklaces. I think I'll have 12 necklaces or something like that. I'm getting a bunch of things back from the hallmarking office today so I can finish them over the weekend. There's SO much to do for this show. All the actual items, the marketing materials, the display equipment, etc. etc. At least I have LOADS of experience of standing around at conferences. I'm hoping this will be more fun than the boring conferences I used to go to. I think it will be, although the principle is the same I have more interest in what I'm selling, of course.

Anyway, I am treating this as a tester, so I will see how it goes and take notes for next time. Exciting but scary! Only 2 weeks left to get everything ready!

In other news, and it is news since I'm in the UK, it's sunny! blue skies! amazing.

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