6 Nov 2007

The craft show is creeping ever closer, so I'm working on loads of earrings. This pile of earrings is ready to go. It's hard to guess what colours will be popular, but seeing as it's all getting nearer to christmas, I used a lot of red!
I made all the ear wires and pins for these, and I'm definitely getting quicker at it! ha!

I'm still working on these earrings - they are with Japanese paper. The part I'm struggling with is the ear wires. First I thought it would be better like in this photo, with a hole and then attached to fish hook style ear wires. But next I'll try it with the ear wires soldered to the back of the earring with a safety catch, like the tourquoise earrings in the post below. I should get around to sorting that out this week.

Did anyone else go watch fireworks for guy fawkes last night? We went to the pub next door, it was fun, the pub was packed and they did do a fair amount of fireworks!

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