15 Feb 2020

Marieke de Waard watercolors

I’m very proud of my mom, Marieke de Waard, because she had two of her beautiful watercolour paintings accepted in a national juried watercolour exhibit in California. Not only were they accepted, but one of those paintings was chosen to be front and center not only on the publicity materials but also on the local newspaper!

These are the two paintings.

The first is of a fish hatchery in Northern California. The strong architectural style, bold contrast with the white background and unusual subject matter make this painting stand out.

The second brings an architectural approach to an organic subject, namely a field of corn. The restricted colour palette and beautifully light touch with the sun diffusing through the tops of the corn also makes this a real showstopper.

Here is the Fish Hatchery as featured in the publicity materials. 

Find more of my mom’s fantastic paintings on her website here:  http://www.art-is-davis.com/