19 Nov 2007

So it turns out that the other craft fair I was thinking of doing depending on how this past one went is on the weekend that we are going to see Portishead. Portishead are one of my favorite bands and this will be their first live show in about 15 years. So I really don't want to miss it! Besides, we already have the tickets. So that fair is out the window. sigh.
On the one hand, that's too bad. On the other hand, at least I'm getting a very clear picture of what I should do next year. I'm also getting a better idea of what lines of jewellery I want to work on, keep and expand. And which ones I don't want to make anymore!!
I'm getting quicker and better at making my crossover ring. I can make the lines neater and crisper now. It's this ring:I also want to make this ring again, which is not on my website. I'd like to expand it into a collection as well. hm...can't seem to find any photos of it. Right, I'll go take a photo and add it in a bit....and here it is:


alabama whirly said...

It is a good ring, definitely!

beapea said...

So sleek and moderne!