11 Dec 2013

been a while...

Been a couple of months since I wrote a post, but it's been busy busy busy. Always the same in the time leading up to Christmas, things get hectic! I've been making loads, but some of those things are secret Christmas presents, so no revealing them here yet. I had a fun time with Jane Tadrist at the two crafts fairs that we did - one in Farnham and the other in Winchester.

This is one of Jane's pieces, a rose gold plated large star pendant:
My mom has also been busy with her portion of the Art is Davis gallery in Davis, California. Coming up for Christmas, she made a little penguin installation (mini penguins from Jam Eton Gallery!) and also made a mama penguin for the mini penguins, who guards over them from the corner! Amazing!

Today I'm working on making another of these bracelets and another pair of these earrings:

In other news, I'll be doing my part for the Windsor & Eton Living advent calendar on 19 December, next Thursday evening, at 6:15pm at Jam Eton Gallery at 81 High Street Eton. Come along and join in the fun if you can make it :-) Find out more here: http://www.windsorobserver.co.uk/livingadvent
Oh yes and Jam Eton has a shiny new website! You can see my page on it here: http://jam-eton.co.uk/makers/machi-de-waard.html