16 Oct 2014

mini photo frame

I was talking to my mom the other day and she showed me the contact sheet from a set of photos that she had printed. The photos were very small on the contact sheet, 14 x 20mm. (They were all of my nephew, apparently my parents literally cannot have enough photos of him!) Anyway, it happens that my mom is also restoring an old dollhouse. So I suggested that the tiny photos needed a tiny silver photo frame to be placed in the dollhouse. So, here's the result....a photo frame that fits photos that are 14 x 20mm.

It was made in 4 parts. First the very thin wire U-shape to create the slot for the photo to go in. Then the back of the frame with a little notch in case the photo is hard to get out (the U-shape was soldered on to the back). Then the front of the frame - a bevelled inside and outside edge rectangular frame. Then I soldered the back on to the front. Then the stand - made so the frame can stand horizontally and vertically.

So here it is: total size 18 x 23mm. (One with my 3cm panda as model.)

10 Oct 2014

New stockist!!!

I am delighted to announce that I have a new stockist, the fabulous Adore Contemporary Boutique (www.adorecontemporaryboutique.com) in Falmouth. The gallery is run by Jessica Hewitt, who makes her own lovely, colourful jewellery. You can see her work on her website: www.jessicahewitt.com as well as at Jam Eton. I have sent a collection of 25 pieces to Adore, including this rather new brooch. It is all sterling silver with eight silver balls and a double steel pin.

1 Oct 2014

October - start as I mean to go on

I have been busy making, making, making and more making. I have exciting new work which will be unveiled soon and also very excited to have a new stockist. Details of all that will be revealed soon when my work is actually at this gallery!

This is proof of working hard - the skin was peeling off the top of my fingers!

I have taken to sending Dougall photos of my progress during the day, just to keep me going and I got some nice series of photos out of it. Here's a series showing the progression of my t-bar clasp necklaces and bracelets (which are now back in stock at Jam Eton and will be on their website soon!):