19 Jun 2013

blast from the past - wedding rings

I was thinking about all the wedding rings I've made and realised I never put a photo here of these particular rings. They are 18ct white and yellow gold alternating stripes, with the white gold (with a textured finish) set deeper so the yellow gold is higher. The one on the left is the woman's ring, very small, I think it was size H. The man's ring is a square ring, sometimes that shape works better with thinner fingers that have wide knuckles. I made the rings in silver first to test the process and sizing, which turned out to be a good thing, as the groom lost his ring! So he's wearing the silver version now - luckily for him I still had it and it fits.

A couple posts ago I wrote about a triple sapphire wedding ring I made. I've made numerous plain bands - no stones or decorations - in a wide variety of sizes, widths and profiles. There have been several wedding bands made to fit against a complicated-shaped engagement ring. As I look through my photos while writing this post, I realise I didn't take photos of many of those, shame!

This is another wedding ring, a silver ring with 4 diamonds set all the way around with an oval profile.


These two rings were for a couple who wanted unique rings - each quite different to each other but with a unifying element. That element was a touch of gold. The ring on the left has a solid gold ball sitting on a delicate shank, while the one on the right has one silver arm and one gold arm.