4 Dec 2012

Jam Newsletter

My newest pendant featured in the Jam Gallery newsletter this month (pic below). It is available on Etsy and Not on the High Street. I am really pleased with my new little pendants, they are charming - small and modern with four varieties - oxidised, with gold ball, closed and 18ct vermeil with silver ball.

8 Oct 2012


Well, it suddenly feels like winter. Looking up casserole and hot soup recipes! The biggest jewellery news is that I have joined Not on the High Street and am now live on the site! You can see my page here:

Click on the above link to go straight to the site, or click on the below picture to get a closer look at what my product page looks like:

Machi de Waard on Not on the High Street

I'm still busy with various jewellery-related plans. Just finished a peek ring as an engagement ring with a lovely light blue sapphire. On most Thursdays and Fridays I'm over at the Jam Gallery in Eton at 81 High Street, so you can always come see me or my work there :-) New items are in the works, so hopefully soon I will be sending out a newsletter with some photos. You can sign up for my newsletter here.
That's all for now...hope you're all staying warm and dry on this very wet and chilly Monday.

Oh, and also - in totally unrelated news, a very good friend of mine has published a book! I'm very proud of him, especially as I know how much work went into it...I'm half way through reading it myself... here's a link in case you're looking for some good page-turning reading - - http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Last-Goodbye-ebook/dp/B009JU940O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1349705051&sr=8-1

3 Aug 2012

quick link

I was interviewed yesterday on UK Handmade's website -- you can see the interview here:

1 Aug 2012

Secret Project number one

Unveiled today! UK Handmade is holding a competition! The start date today and entries must be in by 10 August. What can I win, I hear you cry.... You can win £150 worth of bespoke handmade jewellery by one of six jewellers. I'm one of the six! You can read all about it here in UK Handmade's latest magazine : http://ukhandmade.co.uk/magazine

Or you can read all about here on the relevant pages of the magazine (just click on the photo to get a larger image so you can read it.) Well worth checking out the whole magazine, though, at the link above, as it has many interesting articles in it.

30 Jul 2012

quiet phase

I'm still here, but going through a quiet phase. I'm focusing on a bunch of new projects - details of which will be revealed in the autumn. At the moment, though, I just have to focus on working at the bench and preparing the framework for the new projects. In the meantime, I can show you something else. In June I made a new website for my mom. She's an artist and this new website shows more (and newer) paintings than her old website. So, you can have a look at it here: www.mariekedewaard.co.uk and here is a screenshot of the front page:

2 Jun 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Whether you're into the spirit of the Queen's Jubilee this summer or not, there's no question there's a lot of fun activities going on in Windsor & Eton this summer! There's the official website if you want to see where the various royal family members will be - http://www.thediamondjubilee.org/ and if you're not so into that, then you can just do the fun bit - the street parties! There's bound to be one in your area, and you can get tickets for tomorrow, 3 June, for Eton' street party (might be sold out by now though!). In any case, a great excuse to pick a day with nice weather to wander around Windsor & Eton. You can pop over the bridge from Windsor into Eton and see the Jam gallery, with its new logo and building colour which looks great! The gallery has lots of interesting work from many individual makers - in jewellery, ceramics, glass and more. (Including my work, so obviously I'm biased!!) You can also follow the travelling exhibition of jewellery on the theme of the Jubilee organised by the Association for Contemporary Jewellery. Just click on this link to find out more: http://www.acj.org.uk/index.php/component/content/article/201-acj-diamond-jubilee-exhibition

23 May 2012


I'm delighted that my profile is now up on the new Craftfinder website. It's a website that makes it easy to find exciting handmade contemporary craft wherever you happen to be in the UK. Sponsored by the Arts Council and the Lottery, this website is just getting started, so keep an eye on it and be amazed by quite how many beautiful contemporary crafts are being created all over the UK! Here's a screenshot of me on the homepage of Craftfinder, or you can just click here for my profile.

1 May 2012


I went to the enormous jewellery trade fair, Inhorgenta, in Munich in February. I wrote a review which will be out soon in the latest issue of Findings, which is the magazine of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery. You can read the article to find out more about what jewellery and jewellery-related goodies were at the show, but the main memory I have now is how COLD it was. It was about -17 to -19C, so quite cold. Here are some photos to show the cold...

5 Apr 2012

Craft and jewellery classes at Jam

Jam Gallery in Eton is doing something new - offering craft and jewellery classes. There are three sessions of Children's craft workshops on 14 July. Taught by experienced children's teacher and jeweller/silversmith Jane Tadrist. The children will take home two gifts they've made themselves and in the process learn how to work with metal.

See flyer for details - click on them to get a bigger image:

Then on 22 and 23 September there are adult jewellery classes - the Saturday is a class on metal clay and the Sunday is sterling silver jewellery. Both taught by the lovely Janet Richardson, who has 30+ years experience in the jewellery field.

See flyer for details - click on them to get a bigger image:

28 Mar 2012


Just a comparison....my benchpeg gets a lot of use, so I thought it might be interesting to see how it has changed in a year and a half. The first picture is a year and a half ago, the one below it is now. You can see it's shrinking, the left and right sides keep getting shorter...

27 Mar 2012

Sport for charity challenge

My husband is doing a 3000 mile cycle in 33 days this summer - his longest ever cycle. To put this into perspective, for the famous Land's End to John o' Groats route, the traditional distance by road is 874 miles (1,407 km) and takes most cyclists ten to fourteen days. Dougall will be cycling about 3.5 times the distance in only about double the time.

You can sponsor him in this mad endeavour if you wish! Or you can read about it when it starts on 4th of June on this blog - http://dougal3000miles.blogspot.co.uk/ which I will be updating with notes on his progress. All the sponsorship will go directly to charity! Here he is on a previous cycle:

26 Feb 2012

New Ashgate Gallery

My jewellery is part of the Spring Exhibition at the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham until 28 April. I went to go have a look yesterday. Lots of interesting work! Had a mooch around Farnham too, which was fun. This is a picture of the gallery and a photo of the main street in Farnham. And one more photo - a steeple in the middle of Farnham.

25 Jan 2012

New Ashgate Gallery exhibit

My work will be shown in the New Ashgate gallery Spring Exhibition! The opening is on Friday 3 February, 6-8pm. The exhibit is on from that evening until Saturday 28 April. If you've never been, this is a great reason to go see this lovely gallery in the charming town of Farnham. The gallery is in a lovely location and is well worth a visit!

New Ashgate Gallery

Waggon Yard, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PS

Open Tues-Sat 10-5

Registered Charitable Trust No. 274326