21 Nov 2007

I'm working on the ton of photos I need in order to start posting more on Etsy and update my website. As predicted, it's taking ages. Tonight I'm tagging along to knit night (see this blog) to hopefully get some willing victims to be models for me. I still have to wait another 3 weeks before I can put in regular earrings and anyway, it's very hard to take a photo of one's own ear!! So hopefully I can get a couple of decent photos to show the size of the earrings and how they look on.
Photos, photos. The hardest part is getting the colour balance right....which you can correct in photoshop, but it doesn't work well for all colour items. So the purple earrings are hard to get right, they generally end up looking black. So both of these are (the first is a bit brighter in real life) purple, but the second one looks black:

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