19 Nov 2020

The making of a silver mini locket with a gold ball

Lockdown 2.0 projects! I've been working on a mini locket. Below are the progress photos and also photos of the finished item!

This is the locket before any findings were added:

 And here we have the beginning of the hinge:

This photo shows the first two side knuckles of the hinge, each about 1mm wide.

This photo shows the hinge with the middle knuckle now also attached.   

Here is the tiny bit of tube being soldered on to make the clasp on the other side of the locket:
This is the beginnings of the part of the clasp that will hold the locket shut.
This is the locket before finishing and before the hinge has been properly finished with a rivet.

Finally, here we have the finished locket. It is a mix of argentium and sterling silver, with an 18ct gold ball embedded in the front which is also visible from the inside. The silver has a brushed finish. And the cat is my parents' cat, Miles, because why not?