15 May 2008

Just sneaking a wee post in here, even though I said I wouldn't blog for a while :-) Here's a photo of that engagement ring plus the two options for the wedding ring (top and bottom). The engagement ring is in the middle. The bride-to-be chose the top ring as the wedding ring and may go for the bottom ring at a later date as a sort of eternity ring. She actually wears the ring the other way around, with the loop facing the hand instead of the finger tips.

11 May 2008

I am taking a wee break from this blog because I am focusing on developing my new collections. I am also taking a break from Etsy and DaWanda so I can focus on the production side of things for the moment. I will be relaunching on Etsy, DaWanda and on my own website, www.magpienest.co.uk in the autumn. I am aiming for 1 September. I will be blogging frequently again towards that date. New items, new collections, new ideas!!!

6 May 2008

What a fantastic weekend!! Picciolo is totally right, I did not need my waterproof shoes at the Real Ale festival. The summer has arrived! Hurrah! The Real Ale festival was great - we were there with a whole bunch of friends and conversation was great and the band that was playing was good but not too loud, so you could still hear each other. Saturday was relaxed. Sunday I dropped my jewellery off at the Barn Acre Gallery - what an idyllic setting - a lovely house and barn in a big open field with a beautiful stream down the bottom of the garden replete with weeping willow trees and chirping birds. A fantastic setting!! If you are in the area, well worth a visit during the open days even if you don't want to buy any art!! Although if you do, it looks like there is going to be a very good selection of various arts - paint, jewellery, and I think I spotted some pottery.
Yesterday was the birthday of a close friend and so we had a gorgeous afternoon just lazing on the patio of a lovely pub, the St George and Dragon in Wargrave - right on the Thames. We just watched the boats going up and down and had a supper relaxed afternoon.
This morning I saw my jewellery teacher and got her seal of approval for the wedding ring that I wrote so much about previously. I promise a photo tomorrow!!!
It's still beautiful weather today and it's supposed to stay like this all week! yippeeeee!!! :-)

2 May 2008

Ok, so *now* it's Friday! hurrah! Not hurrah because it's the end of the working week. I like my work so much these days, that's not a problem. But hurrah because it's the Reading Real Ale Festival and almost all our friends in Reading will be there! There will be Morris Dancers! There will be a giant tent! There will be funny t-shirts (I don't know why, there's only about 2 stalls selling items at the beer festival and one of them has these hilarious t-shirts.) It's even sunny right this second....I hope it stays that way! Even so, I think it's probably better to wear some waterproof shoes this evening because the event is held in a huge tent in a field next to the Thames.
Anyway............I better go finish the earrings I was working on yesterday!!

1 May 2008

I was just going to write that it's Friday, but it's not, is it?! Ah well, Thursday, nearly! I need to get a bunch of things in order because on Sunday I will be dropping off items for the Henley Arts Trail '08. I was asked to participate by the Barn Acre Gallery in this event and am delighted to do so! I'm very excited about this opportunity and look forward to seeing how it goes! Sorry to keep this so short, but I need to get my items ready!!!