26 Sep 2016

JASSO exhibitiion

JASSO (jewellery and silversmithing society of Oxford) are holding an exhibition in which I'm participating. Go have a look!

5 Sep 2016

customised cufflinks

A customer of the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham liked the look of my cufflinks, but preferred a different type of finding. The usual findings (ie the back) of cufflinks are either:
swivel arm: where the arm swivels to be straight to push through the hole
bar: where there is a set bar and back that do not move
chain: where there is a chain in the middle and some type of back attached to the end of the chain

The cufflinks had the swivel arm finding but the customer wanted a chain finding. So here's the before photo:

And here is the finished product, now with chain and matching back: