25 Nov 2010

Desire and Reveal

Desire is nearly here - the jewellery and silversmithing fair in Winchester. It starts tomorrow and the private view is tomorrow evening 6-8.30...
Next week is Reveal in Henley, in the lovely old fire station behind the town hall. I always like to go Henley, preferably by walking there. If you walk from Reading to Henley, then you arrive in Henley on a long walkway over the river. It's very pretty...and then there are all the super cozy pubs! I bet that, given the layer of ice on the cars outside, rather a lot of those cozy pubs will have lovely warm fires!
Today is packing for Desire. I say packing, I mean just repacking and adding some extras - like some posters I made for the behind me on the shell scheme. I also need some more boxes and some more stickers and some more postcards and so on. Nearly there, also want to finish some earrings that I'm still working on. I only have one pair of each left, so making a few more which will hopefully be ready in time for my early departure tomorrow morning.
It's a hectic time of year, so to those of you across the pond, enjoy your day off - happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your long, lovely meal!!

19 Nov 2010

Desire Fair at Winchester

Next weekend is the Desire Fair in Winchester - below is a bit of info on times and dates and so on. I have no private view invitations left!! I am still getting ready, polishing a pile of earrings this afternoon. I've made posters too, so I'm hoping my stand will look sharp :-) See you there and have a lovely weekend!

Desire Fair - Winchester

26 - 28 November 2010.

I hope to see you there where you will be able to view my latest designs

For further details and directions to the show see below or log onto www.desirefair.com

12.30pm - 5.30pm Friday, 10 am - 5 pm Saturday & Sunday

AA signposted

The Desire Fair showcases stunning collections from emerging British talent together with a number of established contemporary designer jewellers and silversmiths. All are professional craftsmen who have been selected from the very best jewellers and silversmiths in the UK for the quality of their work, individuality and innovation.

Desire offers an opportunity to see and purchase or commission work direct from the designer makers. By discussing the purchase with the maker, you will immediately be aware of their enthusiasm for the creative process and understand the inspiration behind each piece. There is an enormous variety of stylish designs on offer from the latest in exciting and contemporary designs to classic pieces that will not date. Each item sold is unique and can often be designed specifically for the wearer – a world away from the mass produced items offered on the High Street!

To see examples of just some of the stunning designs on offer please visit www.desirefair.com

17 Nov 2010

Jewellery classes

Phew, another craft fair done - South Hill Park Christmas Fair was at the weekend and I saw loads of people I knew, so I certainly had a lot of nice chats. Now it's on to the Desire show at Winchester. I still have some tickets for the private view - contact me if you'd like one. I still need to finish a whole bunch of orders and make some things for the Desire show that I've sold out of...
Also booking began this week for the next term of jewellery classes at South Hill Park. Some of my classes are already full for next term. Booking for members who aren't on the course starts next week. Keep trying if you want to get on those courses, but if you can't get on, you can always have a look at the brilliant Janet Richardson's classes in Wokingham - for info just follow this link or look at this poster here (click to zoom):

12 Nov 2010

Friday again!

So it's nearly the weekend and nearly time for the South Hill Park craft fair. I'm nearly ready...still a couple of things to make and polish and pack and... yeah, so, nearly.
It's been another busy week - and I've been on the Folksy blog! A lovely selection of silver jewellery was showcased, including my silver crossover ring.
Meanwhile, over on the Reveal blog, there's a piece about my jewellery as part of the 'meet the maker' series in the run-up to the Reveal Showcase in Henley in early December. Just follow this link for more info.

9 Nov 2010

South Hill Park and benchpeg

South Hill Park Christmas Craft Fair this weekend!!! 11am - 6pm on Saturday and 10am - 5pm on Sunday!! I'm in the Wilde Theater, see you there!

Proof that I've been working hard - here's a photo of a new benchpeg, followed by a photo of my well-loved benchpeg. The benchpeg is the centre of a jeweller's bench - it's where almost all the work gets done!