8 Feb 2013

updated page on Craft & Design

My page on Craft & Design's Selected Makers site has been updated. You can see it here:
http://www.craftmaker.co.uk/machidewaard/ and if you fancy it, there's still time to vote for me at the bottom of that page for Craft & Design's Selected Maker awards for this year.

7 Feb 2013

quick link

Jam Eton has started a blog -- the very first post is up! If you're interested in handmade or UK makers or craft, then this is a blog to keep an eye on! Here's the link: http://jameton.wordpress.com/

This week has been action-packed so far. On Monday, I went to the Spring Fair in Birmingham with Jam Eton's fair veteran and owner, Jacqueline. We went up by train, which was surprisingly easy - the train was on time, and fast (I know! I was amazed!) and not only did it arrive near the NEC, we could walk straight in to it without even having to put one foot outside. So that part was easy. Mission number one was to search for interesting Christmas decorations. It certainly was a novel experience (for me) to search for Christmas stuff in February. Fun, mind you, because I love Christmas and every year it's an enjoyable task of the holiday season to find some lovely new decorations to add to my stash. For example, this past year I found these totally amazing white-feather filled glass baubles (at Liberty's in London):

Anyway, back to this year -- so we wandered around and around, up and down the aisles, scanning the stands for goodies. I started off thinking more about getting a reasonable collection that sort of fitted together. I suppose I didn't think we would necessarily find anything really good because there is *so much* there and it's amazing how much of it is very similar (stuffed santas, that 'distressed' look that is hip and trendy but makes me think it wasn't painted very well). I am guessing this is in part due to the whole trend forecasting business and attempts to stay in fashion. Anyway, in the end we did find some really nice decorations that are great and not boring and I won't tell you all the details because I don't want to spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say, I will be saving up so I can get my own set of quite a few of those decorations!

On Tuesday I was back at the gallery (Jam Eton) working as per usual - except with a new colleague who is really nice and cheery. I have to admit that I felt really knackered Tuesday night. I guess all the visual stimulation on Monday, plus a nasty cold that won't go away, plus some annoying computer stuff that wouldn't do what I wanted on Tuesday just added up. I wanted to sleep, but annoying cold/cough meant I got a few hours only. Boo hiss.

Wednesday I got up super early to go over to Norden Farm in Maidenhead to teach two jewellery classes. I had to leave really early because the traffic *creeps* at that time of the day, so it takes twice as long to get to Maidenhead. So I set up - I was covering for my good friend Janet Richardson - which is a big deal because Jan has to bring all the equipment to Norden Farm, it's not like South Hill Park, where there's a studio all set up with all the tools and everything, ready to go. Then I had two classes - both of whom were perfectly lovely and all working on a wide variety of projects. It was nice for me to be reminded that I do know what I'm talking about when it comes to jewellery, and I certainly know what I'm talking about when it comes to soldering.

So, overall a week packed with action. Now it's time for this stinkin' cold to pack up and go away and for me to get back to my own bench. New pieces coming soon in my gold ball collection....