28 Nov 2007

it's maybe, maybe a fraction of a teeny amount less dreary today than yesterday. maybe. more exciting post though - a cd from my friend in holland which is a compilation of German music. Some of it is 2raumwohnung, who I think are brilliant (the website is also viewable in English, click top right hand corner). I think he's using a couple of their songs at the beginning of the cd to lure me in and get me into more German music. We'll see if any of the rest is good! ha!

Jewellery-wise, today the plan is to bend some tube. That's not easy. If you just go bent a piece of tube, it will bend but the tube will collapse, like when you bend a straw it gets a kink in it. So much fiddling will need to be done in order to bend it without ruining it. right, well, i'm off to attempt that now...

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