3 Nov 2007

This is a tiara that I made early this year. My cousin got married in May and his wife-to-be wanted a tiara. I ended up making three tiaras and she picked another one (i.e. not the one in this photo). The one in the photo is a strip of solid silver and the crystal beads are attached with silver wire. It was interesting to make, with a lot of hammering and polishing of the silver. I went for a satin finish, as you can see. I still like this tiara....it's quite regal-looking when it's on...makes me think of queens in that book Mists of Avalon.

It's saturday today and we have blue skies again here in the UK, which is quite amazing. I just got a load of things back from the hallmarking office, so I'm planning on finishing some things today. Anyway....i'm off to have breakfast....


Heidi said...

hey, where in uk are you from?
i'm from cambridge.
anyway, back to business. i LOVE this tiara, i would go against my beliefs and get married if it meant i could wear this beautiful piece! :)
great what you said in your 'about me' section, my family are a bit like yours in that my dad is a photographer and cartographer (maps), my mum is a dressmaker & makes all her own curtains/cushions etc, and my sister is a fashion designer/photographer. phew! :D

machi said...

thanks :-) I'm in Reading...home of, erm, well, a big train station.
cool, it's handy to have family members who can make/do stuff! ha!