5 Nov 2007

This is my work bench. The boy made the bench and the shelves next to it. I have a bit of steel that another friend, who inexplicably works at a steel bending factory, made for me to cover the part of the bench where I solder. Thus I do not burn the house down.
The lamp is from Ikea, nice & cheap. Everything else is either tools that I bought or random stuff that various people have given me. This is where I spend pretty much all my time.
You can't see my chair, it's from Staples. We have Staples over here in the UK too, oh yes. The excitement, huh!?
Ehm, what else can I say. There's a radiator in the room, but it never seems enough when it's cold out, so I also have one of those little fan heaters. I know it's not that great in terms of energy consumption, but I just put it on for a couple of minutes so I don't get hypothermia.

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