1 Nov 2007

I made these earrings for my sister with some tourquoise stones that my mom got in India. Everything went fine with making them, but when my sister got them and put them on, they were a teeny bit bottom heavy so didn't hang straight. SO....i took a drastic measure to prevent this issue with future earrings....I got my ears pierced!!!! A big deal for me, as I am a fainter. But I did it! So from now I can try earrings on myself instead of pestering earring-wearing friends and relatives!!! :-)


Liz said...

they're beautiful, and how brave of you!

some great work, well done!!

x x

beapea said...

Hot damn! I can't believe you got yr ears pierced! Awesome. It's so fun to wear different earrings.

I have to tell you that I have gotten so many compliments on those earrings too! I was wearing them in the hospital when E was sick and all the nurses loved them. Even random strangers in the elevator : ) And I noticed people talking to me constantly checking them out. It was kind of funny.

Vieiragirl said...

Congrat on taking the step of getting your ears pierced! It is so much better then getting clip on they are so hard to find these days. Your earring are darling by the way

machi said...

thanks :-) i'm such a wimp, it was amazing i didn't faint! i really like your bluegrass photo!