3 Oct 2018

jewellery at the Tiny Gallery in Henley

The lovely Tiny Gallery in Henley has a new selection of my jewellery with gemstones. On their website, they are currently showing a small selection of the jewellery. More pieces are in the gallery. There are earrings and pendants with brillaint red beryllium treated sapphires. There is a bangle, pendant, earrings, a brooch and rings with garnet - both faceted garnets and cabochon garnets. There are also several pieces with black checkerboard cut onyx cabochons. Here are some photos of my jewellery you can see at the Tiny Gallery!

tiny cup set garnet earrings

small cup set black onyx earrings

beryllium treated red sapphire small stud earrings

beryllium treated red sapphire drop earrings

beryllium treated red sapphire open circle stud earrings

garnet open circle brooch with double steel pin