15 Dec 2010

only 10 days til christmas!

Another commission done, sterling silver star earrings:

9 Dec 2010

blue wave pendant

just a quick photo of a wee commission I did last month:

3 Dec 2010

Reveal in Henley

Reveal is on this weekend at Henley's Old Firestation Gallery - see www.revealshowcase.com for details. I will be there 10-12 tomorrow morning. Unfortunately I got a little overzealous when I put my display stuff back in the car after Desire, so I've sprained a muscle in my back. So I was dreading setting up at Reveal yesterday because I knew it would hurt. Luckily Lauren (of the beautiful ceramics) and another Caversham artist very kindly carried my cases inside. I am pretty sore today from all the shlepping around yesterday, but jewellery is up at Reveal and even have a small case up at South Hill Park (also for sale, just ask the reception). I have to say, though, that I am super tired. I've been running around since October doing a ton of things and now I'm ready for a rest. Today I had a major lie-in after my last class of the term at South Hill Park. There's more snow in Bracknell than there is in Reading so I guess people were nervous about driving, so there were only three students in the last class!! Oh well, Emy kindly brought biscuits so we had biscuits and made stuff anyway! Hope everyone's keeping warm, it sure is cold out!!!