20 Mar 2013

Various updates

So if you'd like to take a fun day course on how to make silver clay jewellery, you can do exactly that at Jam in Eton on either (or both) April 20th and April 21st. There are a mere 8 students per class and the setting is lovely, so do book soon if you'd like a place. You can find details - as well as a video of the last course held at Jam - on the Jam website here: http://www.jam-eton.co.uk/pages/workshops.html

In other news, I have been quiet but that's because I am making, making, making. I have a few commissions, a couple of small jobs and I am preparing new work for October. I will be the featured jeweller at Jam for October (you can see their exhibition schedule here to see all the exciting jewellers on show: http://www.jam-eton.co.uk/pages/exhibitions_diary.html) I am planning to have some new pieces, as well as some one-off pieces just for that exhibit.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is totally bored with the winter. I'm bored of my winter clothes, bored of the damp cold and bored of waiting around at freezing train stations. So I was delighted to feel a tinge of warmth at lunch yesterday - there was even a small ray of sunshine. Hopefully this means the tide will be turning soon and we can all chill out a bit. I saw this amazing cake yesterday in Eton that may actually herald the beginning of spring, it's from Foxy's Cake Co at the end of Eton high street:

It is my plan to put a couple more items up on Not on the High Street and Etsy this week, so hopefully that will come to fruition as well. I need to take some photos before that can be done, but I am hopeful that I'll have a super productive day today! Tea at the ready!