27 Nov 2007

dreary again today. but I did get my copy of Art Jewelry magazine today! So I'm going to be browsing through that.
Went to meet some arty Reading people yesterday afternoon in town and met some new people. Amongst others, I met textile artist Julie Roberts. I asked for her website so I could have a look at her work and I accidentally typed in .com instead of .co.uk at the end. That was confusing. I didn't think her work was about men and mascara...
Anyways....her website is www.julieroberts.co.uk in case you want to have a look. I like the blue vessel and the lampshades.

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beapea said...

Fun to meet other artists in your area! Do they do an Arts Alive type thingy in Reading? I guess they might have to combine it with a pub crawl and call it an Art pub crawl? Hee.