29 Nov 2007

so that bending tube didn't go so well. I've ordered some more and will be sorting that out over the weekend. today I'm working on new silver stud/post earrings. I put one new one on my etsy shop yesterday and will try to put either one or two new designs up today.

it's sunny! shock!

yesterday I installed "stumble on" which is a nifty little addition that you can add to your browser bar. You just tick what your interests are, in my case art, crafts, internet tips, cyberculture and such. Then you just click "stumble" and it just goes to a page which has been recommended by someone to stumble for one of your interests. Then you can give it a thumbs up or down to make it more accurately show stuff you would like in future. It's pretty addictive! I think it's hard to just browse the web, since there's so much out there. This is a good way to browse to things you're interested in and it filters out 'adult' sites. You can also recommend sites you come across and pass them to your friends, etc. Oh and you can recommend your own site ;-) If you're interested, it only takes a couple seconds to install and it's here: http://www.stumbleupon.com
It also has loads of other services like blogs, etc but I don't need yet another site to keep up with! ha!

Something that I found through the above is a site that when you give it the URL of your site, it makes screenshots of your site in loads of different browsers - IE, Firefox, Opera and ...another one that I can't remember the name of. Anyway, it could be a useful tool. I can't find that particular site back, but I think if you search Google you can find sites that do the same. (It was free.)

Anyway...must get back to my earrings, they are languishing in the pickle...(pickle being the acid bath silver needs after being soldered)

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beapea said...

Yeah for sunshine! Better luck with the bending next time. Off to go see your new earrings in etsy...