2 Mar 2009

masterclass and a craft fair in a mansion

As part of the Berkshire Designer Jewellers, I had a masterclass on Saturday which focused on problem solving. It was fascinating and informative - definitely a great experience just to hear what a master jeweller has to say about the common technical problems facing jewellers working with silver and gold. There's always more to be learned and I picked up a few very useful tidbits, which will hopefully save me time in the future!
I also got an email over the weekend from another craft fair - this one in December and it looks beautiful. It's in a lovely mansion and I'm fairly certain I will apply this week, so I'll be passing on information about that in the future. The only reason I'm hesitating is because I spoke to someone for whom these particular craft fairs didn't work out financially, so I need to think about how I'll get there and how to cut some costs. Either way, I'll make a decision this week.
Besides that, I need to send off an order from the weekend (Etsy, hurrah!) and a box of things to be hallmarked and so on. I have about, at a guess, oh, about 4 million items on my to-do list! eek! ok, it's not really that bad, obviously, but somehow it feels that way. It's Monday and the morning has already melted away!! I'm off to plow through my to-do list now!

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