5 Mar 2009

the price of chips

Ok, not really the price of chips - the price of gold. The price of gold is now sky high...it goes up as the economy goes down. Confidence in the stock market goes down equals confidence in precious metals goes up. Which is lovely for anyone who has invested in gold! But it's not so lovely if I want to make some jewellery out of gold. It means that the end retail price ends up being very high at the time that consumers are cutting back, spending less, etc. Hm. So, that means I will have to try harder to re-use the gold I have. My grandmother kindly rounded up bits of broken jewellery and then roped in all her buddies to do the same, so I have a teeny stash of gold that I can use. However, it's scrap, so I need to get it into the right shape (wire, sheet, etc) which means that the cost increases anyway because of the amount of time I have to spend on it! Hmmmm....
Anyway...I got my fabulous promo postcards yesterday. They do look good!! So those are being sent off to Handm@de today!!
Right, I have heaps to do today, so I better stop writing now...!!

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