9 Mar 2009

Jewellery show in December

So I am going to do that jewellery show in a mansion that I mentioned previously! It's at Wrest Park in a mansion which I believe is run by English Heritage. It's huge and looks very interesting and lovely - a great setting for a jewellery show just before Christmas! Apparently the house has just been all done up, so it will be looking amazing! The show I'm participating in is a long way off - 5 and 6 December. But no harm in checking out the website now!! :-) Ooh in fact I just saw MagpieNest is already on the page - on the right hand side!
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend - the highlight for me was a trip on the Real Ale Train - a fabulous 1940s steam train with wooden interior and lots of happy people drinking real ale and hanging out the windows to see the steam! It was fun and friendly!

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