24 Mar 2009

first newsletter

Yesterday I sent out MagpieNest's first newsletter! Woo hoo! It was kind of exciting but kind of annoying because I think that the ones sent to hotmail addresses didn't reach their destinations. I'm not sure, but I think they didn't. I'll figure out something around that at some point, though. I think emails to hotmail addresses just need to be sent individually, which can be done. If you didn't get a newsletter but would like one, please sign up here: www.magpienest.co.uk/newsletter.html
Now it's time to get prepared for the exhibit at Norden Farm! I need to get 20 pieces together to display there. That won't be hard, it's just a case of deciding which pieces!
Tonight I'm going to an artist's talk over at the Slough Museum. I'm looking forward to hearing it and seeing some local artwork. I believe it's the last evening of the art exhibit there. I'll let you know all about it tomorrow....

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