10 Mar 2009


Yay - I'm on a blog post over on the Handm@de blog - check it out: http://handmadeoxford.blogspot.com
In the post, I mention my mom a little bit - that she's an artist. She's also very good at interior design. At the moment, my mom is in Japan and one of her Japanese friends also writes an interior design blog. I think she also works freelance as an interior design writer, but I'm not sure because the site is all in kanji (Japanese) so I can't read it - too bad! But anyway, so Yuri has written a post about my mom's latest wall decoration - which is folded cranes out of washi paper and other types of paper like newspaper. Washi paper is Japanese handmade paper, which I also use in some of my jewellery. You can see a photo of the cranes on the wall over on Yuri's blog, even if you can't read it: http://artsliving.exblog.jp
Interestingly enough, a couple of weeks ago the Guardian came with a fashion magazine supplement and in one of the photos they used the same sort of idea - they had folded butterflies across a wall!!


velmalikevelvet said...

Kudos to the talented artist family! ;) Nice to see you are getting the recognition you deserve.

Glad you enjoyed following my dyeing process. So much fun for me. Can't wait to do it again!

'Til then...

Lina said...

Oh I have some Japanes paper that I've set in resin to make a ring! Just thought it was a funny coincidence. Never knew what to do with it until I started making jewellery.