20 Mar 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow is only a day away

Hm, what's that line from?? I think it may be from Annie, the musical. Oh dear, that gives away my age/country of upbringing, doesn't it?!?! How was that ever popular? Oh wells. That reminds me, oddly, of something else 80s. I think pretty much only my sister will remember that cartoon called "Fat Albert". Ha, that was brilliant...I wonder if there are clips of it on the internet somewhere. Fat Albert, now there's a character that should be brought back. Let's see if I can find a picture of him.... oh! Amazing - there are clips online and here's a picture of Fat Albert and his gang:
ANYWAY....so instead of writing this, I should be getting ready for tomorrow, for Tomorrow is my first fair of the year: the Spring Fair at Kendrick School in Reading. It's open from 2-5pm and is in town so hopefully the nice weather will entice loads of people to attend!! It'll be good for me to have a show - a bit of warming up for the year!! Plus I have lots of new things, so it's good to see reactions to new designs and see if I need to tweak them or make different sizes. I'm curious to see how many people are interested in bangles - I've showed lots of friends and there is definitely an interest in bangles - especially since I can customise the size. I never bought bangles myself because I have weirdly skinny wrists so the bangles, although I like them, were always too big. So now I can make just the right size - for me and for any customers as well!
Right, I should go polish and pack now!!

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