30 Mar 2009

hee hee

Oh so funny...my parents live in Japan and my dad delights in forwarding me emails from his Japanese colleagues. They are usually in Japanese and then in English at the bottom. Well, sort of English! It's pretty hilarious, the English is quite good but still pretty muddled. I used to teach English and my Japanese students often had brilliant vocabularies. They knew all these lovely long words, but really had no idea how to use them. Cue lots of "word salad" essays. Lots of lovely words, just randomly strung together. Ha! I think I'm allowed to laugh because I've been on the other side, making a mess of other languages. One of the emails my dad got at work said something like "Please accept my apologies for your errors!" hahahaha! oh...funny!
Anyway...it's Monday again and I'm sorting out lots of little jewellery-related things including getting prepared for the Norden Farm show. I need to polish the pieces that I'm putting in the show and have an appropriate amount of boxes ready, as well as the price list. I think I'm fairly prepared except that I wanted to put in my gold ball collection, but only the bangles are hallmarked. So I'll have to see what I do about that!

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