27 Feb 2009

excitement in jewellery land

Well, the bloke didn't call me back because he got the number wrong, so I called him and hey ho, I have the sticks already!! Haven't tried them out yet but they look good!
In other news....it's sunny. That's pretty amazing. I'm starting to feel like I am emerging from the gloom! I think all those months of darkness were getting me down, because just a wee bit of sun is making me feel lots better!! Actually I quite like the darkness in about October, November time because at first it feels cosy and christmas-like. But by February it's just gloomy. So, the days are getting longer and so hopefully we'll have a nice spring!!
Tomorrow I'm off to a masterclass with the Berkshire Designer Jewellers. I'm very excited about it - a super guru jeweller has a list of questions from us and is going to show us some tips and things to sort out those little niggles. I'm looking forward to it!
What else...one of my cousins has had a daughter so now my gran has more great-grandchildren than she can shake a stick at! I think there are 10 or 12 now...something like that.
Ok, people, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And here's a photo for you of the front of a postcard that I'm having printed. Or not. I just tried it and the colours turned out all funky on blogger...hm. Well, suffice to say that I will have postcards soon....and I'll see if I can sort out the image and post it...

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