25 Mar 2009

arty farty-ness

I had a very pleasant evening yesterday at the Slough Museum. The museum is doing an admirable job of showing and promoting local Berkshire area art to the community. Yesterday evening was a talk about Idea Bank 2009 - an art exhibit of paintings (mostly) of artists from the Berkshire area. The artists who were there did a short (about 5 minutes) talk each about their art, how they make it, what it means to them and also what it means to them to be artists in this area. It was, I must say, better than I expected and quite interesting. There's a bit of a blurb up on the Slough Museum website here: http://www.sloughmuseum.co.uk/exhibitions.htm and I believe the talks are going to be transcribed so will also be up on the website at some point.
While I was there, I also dropped off some more jewellery - namely some items which are now on sale. I've put these items for sale because I'm moving on to making different collections and am doing a sort of spring clean of older designs which I probably won't be repeating. So, for your chance to get these items at a very low price, get ye down to Slough Museum (it's on the High Street in Slough, very easy to get to!) These are the items that are on sale there (the bottom ring is available with a green, blue or yellow stone):

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