3 Mar 2009

newsletter and cute stickers

I've added a "join my newsletter" option to my website! Want to know where and when MagpieNest will be - just sign up for my newsletter! I'm not going to be sending out many newsletters, I doubt it will be more than 6 a year. I think that's better because I know what I do with newsletters that I have signed up for - the ones that arrive infrequently I usually have at least a brief look. The newsletters that arrive every other day, I usually just delete them!! I can't read that many things every day, and anyway if they arrive that often, then how can they really have that much new information!?! Anyway, so please sign up for my infrequent and informative newsletter! :-)
In totally unrelated other news, my mom sent me a bunch of super cute Japanese stickers (probably made in China, but oh well) with animals! They are super cute! I love these little stickers...when I went to Japan I got some and when I was in Singapore I also went to a Japanese shop and got some more. You can never have too many cute little stickers! Ok, maybe you can, but I just love these teeny tiny random stickers. I have a sort of mini collection now. Here are some photos, with the newest ones first (note the usual Japanese funny English - Kira Coat Seal...??!!)

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