7 Jan 2009

shiny shiny

I'm gearing myself up to go into the cold and go to the post office. brrrrrrrrrrrr. The post office is a mere 5 minutes' walk, luckily. So at least I don't have to go far. Yesterday I worked on some stuff that didn't go very far - one thing didn't work as expected and another I can't finish because I don't have the right material. So today I'm going to work on a bunch of other stuff, hopefully to get me going again and get lots done in a push to get myself back up to speed.
One thing I did do over the xmas break was make a ring for myself. This ring is sort of taking over from the ring that I used to wear every single day but on the one day I didn't wear it, it was stolen. Snif. Anyway...so this is one of my regular rings, but this time in 18k gold. So although this one's for me, I now have decent photos of what this ring looks like in gold so I can offer it for people who prefer gold. Here are some photos of it:

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beapea said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you found a design you like enough to replace the old ring. It looks great.