14 Jan 2009

blogs and walking like an Egyptian

Freezing fog this morning. How.........lovely. not. What is lovely is that two charming blogs have chosen to show a bit of my jewellery this week. One is Hannah Mary Pinnock (silver bud ring). The other is a bunch of artists (feltgiraffe wrote the post) with a blog called Autonomous Artists (one of the Japanese paper pendants). So a big thanks to them!! :-)
In other news, I finally got a bangle mandrel. That's a bit of steel for forming bangles around. (did anyone get that Bangles reference in the title of this post??? ha ha I'm so funny...or something.) So today I can finish a bunch of bangles I'm working on. That's including the bangle to go with this collection, which is silver with an 18k ball. This is the first time this photo is public!! Ooo er!! Oh yes, world premier of this collection, soon to include a bangle which I shall photograph once it's ready. Anyway...here's the photo with ring, pendant and earrings:


~sjts said...


LOL!!! Bangles...I got it!! You are too funny!. I love your new collection. When you are ready, let me know and I'll do a post on it.

Take care and stay warm,

velmalikevelvet said...

congrats on the showcasing, happy mandrel! (love that word.)

beapea said...

Ooo - high tech and futuristic coolio collection!