29 Jan 2009


Ok, I may have been one of the last people to twig to lastfm.com but just in case I'd thought I'd write about it today in case someone out there doesn't know about it. If you're into music, any music, this is a great website. You just go to the website www.lastfm.com and in the black box (right hand side of the screen) you type in the name of any band you like and it will play tracks from that band and other bands in roughly the same genre or that other people who like the band like. It's a great tool to get into new music without wading through too much stuff you don't like. Plus you can 'heart' or 'ban' tracks that you like or don't like, so it gets better the more you use it. There are more sites like it, but I reckon this is the best one....not that I've extensively tried other sites because this one was great straight away. So, there we go - a potential web tip if you hadn't heard of lastfm before!


Lina said...

Hi :-) I love obscure music and a lot of the stuff I listen to my friends have never heard of. But I do like the process of just finding random tunes here and there.

velmalikevelvet said...

aren't they fun? i just joined recently myself, so don't feel too behind the curve.

i'm The Velmanator there.

ps - sure looks cold at your house today!