6 Jan 2009


So it's officially a cold snap here in Britain. It's supposed to get down to minus a trillion degrees Celsius tonight. Ok, *slight* exaggeration, but it might just be the coldest I've felt here. Thus the plan for today is to stay inside. Any venturing outside is probably a bad idea. Argh! Just remembered that I need to go to the post office. Perhaps that can wait until tomorrow. Hmmm...
I'm applying to two more craft fairs, both in Farnham, and need to send the applications. One is Gift and the other is the Festival of Crafts. I have realised that these craft fairs require not a covering letter, but rather an "artist's statement". Yesterday I was struggling with writing one - I want it to give an idea of what I make and what my style is, but I don't want it to sound like every other artist's statement. I think it's ok now, but I think I may pester my marketing friends and see what they think. It's hard to write something about yourself without thinking it's pretentious or lame or boring or whatever. I looked at heaps of artist's statements on the internet and some are too long, some are not very interesting, and some are ok. It's always going to be better just to look at a photo of the work. Ah well, anyway...I'm now going to try to finish this statement and maybe, just maybe, I'll post it here and see what you think.

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