12 Jan 2009


I was in Glasgow over the weekend, visiting friends of mine. It was a very relaxed weekend, with lots of chilling and a bit of wandering around Glasgow. And by "wandering", I don't really mean strolling. I mean walking while battling the rain and wind hoping to find a warm, dry, indoor place quickly. The weather was quite terrible. We were waiting to cross a street and looking at the stoplight - waiting for the little man to turn green, as one does - and the whole green lamp part of the stoplight was ripped off by the wind and propelled down the street! That's some serious wind. Anyway, we did make it to the Macintosh house, which I'd wanted to see for ages already but somehow didn't get around to seeing last time I was in Glasgow. Unfortunately only half of it was open because they were cleaning it or something, but it was still interesting. Bit gloomier than I thought it would be, though. Also I hadn't realised that the original house was destroyed in 1963 because of issues with subsidence or something and so the house is actually a replica. They kept it as much like the original as possible, but it did remind me of visiting sites in Japan - there we often went to see some ancient building and then when we read the info boards, at the bottom it would say something like "rebuilt in 1980 in ferro-concrete". For some reason ferro concrete was mentioned a lot, so it started being rather amusing to try to find the line where it said the ancient temple/pagoda/castle was actually rebuilt in ferro-concrete. In any case, here's a photo of the Macintosh house through the heavy rain:

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velmalikevelvet said...

thanks for the comment on my blog; glad to hear the google alerts post was helpful.

i've always wanted to visit glasgow! but i think i'll shoot for a warmer season. ;)