16 Jan 2009

bye bye balloon man and other things...

I sold an old game of mine on ebay this week. It's now winging its way to another corner of Europe. I can't believe how collectable those old nintendo hand held games are!! Amazingly lucky sequence of events, really. That was the only electronic game I liked - so I kept it in its original box. I got it as a gift from my aunt when I was 11 and played it for hours on end. It didn't have a pause button! Anyway, I had a fondness for that game that I never had for any video-type game and that turned out to be a very good thing. I hope the new owner is happy with it too. And now I can afford to get some friggin new socks!! All my socks have holes in or are grey - not good grey, used-to-be-black grey. So I'm throwing away all my old socks and getting new ones! hurrah! :-)
In other news, yesterday was amazingly productive and I'm a long way into a new collection which is destined, hopefully, for a special project. All will be revealed when I actually finish it! I'm delighted to report that the bangle mandrel works like a charm - a very good purchase!
Oh yes and a school nearby emailed yesterday to ask if I would participate in their Spring Fair - always nice to be asked!! Plus it's close by and a very nice school, so I think I'll do it. It's in March so that gives me something to aim for before the fairs in the autumn.

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velmalikevelvet said...

You *really* need to pester your sister for some handknit socks! A sockless machi should NOT be an option.

Thanks for weighing in on my 'candy' socks! The colors are really hard to capture, they are so shockingly bright. They really look like electric lemonade.