11 Feb 2009


Yes, porridge. It's healthy and filling and warms you up on cold winter mornings. Especially nice with lots of currants. If you like currants, that is. Or raisins, they are fine too. If I talk to people here in the UK about eating porridge, they say - oooo yes porridge, I used to have it as a kid - with milk and cream. And I say, oooo yes I used to have it as a kid too - in little sachets that you just add boiling water to and then it had these other little sachets with some disturbingly chemical looking jam-like matter that you swirled on top to add a bit of sugary goodness. Ha! So - English childhood porridge = milk and cream and a saucepan. US childhood porridge = instant porridge out of sachets with gooey sugar stuff. I'm amazed my parents let me eat that weird gooey stuff that came with it.....although maybe they noticed because I only remember having that porridge for a short while. Mostly I had cornflakes. I still make the porridge with water though. Sounds like it would be gross, but it's not. Really! So there you have it, a totally random story for this freezing cold Wednesday.


beapea said...

I've been eating instant oatmeal with frozen berries for breakfast for quite a while now. So good! I just use 1/2 cup water instead of 2/3 and a cup of frozen fruit and pop it in the microwave - mmm. I make it in the pyrex measuring cup so it doesn't bubble over.

Dave Emery said...

I love porridge too! I make mine with milk, and top it off with golden syrup... nom nom nom!