16 Feb 2009


Well, the ring photos are going to be a bit later than I expected because the ring is rather complicated to make so I'm still working on it!!
So I thought I'd just mention what loads of people seem to be talking about - walkers' new crisps! ha! Yes, there are 6 new flavours that are out now and the public is supposed to vote for the best one of those six to become a regular flavour. I think crisps and crisp flavours is a bigger thing in the UK than anywhere else I've lived...perhaps because of the special place in the national psyche of the phrase '2 pints and a packet of crisps'??? In any case, the six flavours are (all vegetarian, by the way, despite the names!):
1. cajun squirrel (a cajun flavour, not bad, bit like paprika crisps)
2. onion bhaji (haven't had this one yet)
3. builder's breakfast (ok but reminded me too much of buttered toast and I can't stand butter)
4. hoisin duck (not bad, the taste was a bit too mild though)
5. chocolate and chili (yech...I didn't like this one! not much chocolate flavour though)
6. fish & chips (the shop we were in had tried all the flavours and didn't have this one for sale because they had tried it and reckoned it was disgusting! so haven't tried this one!)

So, have any of you tried them yet? what's your favorite? I know this whole thing is unimportant, and a very good publicity exercise for walkers, but it is kinda fun...

Which new crisp flavour is your favourite??

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