26 Feb 2009

polishing sticks and things

Polishing sticks are little fiberglass sticks that are useful for getting into small areas to polish them - for things like this ring, the part around the gold ball:When I last went to the jewellery quarter to get some supplies, none of the suppliers had these sticks. So I was asking around and it turns out that one of the suppliers has them - either they just didn't have any the day I asked, or they've reintroduced them. I haven't used their website in ages because it wasn't that great. So I looked on their site and it seems to have gotten a makeover, which is good, but when I did the order for these sticks, at the last minute it failed. After I had put in my details, the site froze and I got a 'can't connect to network' type message. Sigh. So I phoned and now the sales dude is supposed to be calling me back....I certainly hope he will. I never like it when a 5 minute job takes ages to sort out! At least if he calls back, then it'll all be sorted....no call yet though. Sigh.
In other, more exciting news, I'm working on a custom engagement ring!! Right now it's in the design stage - it's a commission so the people involved are thinking about what they want, the design and the look and the stones and all that and I'm thinking about feasibility! I have to make sure the design is actually possible, especially because it's a very small ring size. Anyway, always exciting to work on wedding or engagement things - feels like a privilege to be working on them!

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Lina said...

How is itt going with that engagment ring? Also I was looking at your DaWanda listings one the right and realised we do a similar kind of ring. I also do rings with loads of beads on except mine are generally gemstone beads not crystal beads :-)