3 Feb 2009

more snow

It's snowing again....and apparently it's supposed to keep snowing lightly all week. I don't think we're going to get packs of snow here, like there were in parts of London. It looks nice, but it's so cold and I'm getting tired of all the cold weather. Winter is fine but by February I'm already looking forward to spring and warm days. Last spring, on one of the first nice sunny days, we went over to Wargrave and sat on their huge patio next to the Thames and lazily watched the rowboats go by. That was a good way to spend an afternoon. The pub has a website, www.stgeorgeanddragon.co.uk, but sadly the website does not have a good photo of their fabulous patio/outdoor seating area. Well, in case you're ever around Wargrave on a warm, sunny day...now you know where to go.

1 comment:

velmalikevelvet said...

does the snow make you jealous of b.'s recent beachy foray?

i know i was envious...