18 Feb 2009

middle of the week...

So, it's the middle of the week and I'm still working on the new ring. New designs often take quite a bit of time to perfect. The first one shows me how not to make it, the second one shows me how to make it even better and hopefully the third one is the good one!! It depends how complex the design is, of course...sometimes it takes much longer to perfect a particular idea. In any case, I'm working on it and in the meantime trying to finish lots of half-made pieces. I had a pile of rings that were done but not sanded or polished so I worked on those a lot yesterday...it's a lot of repetitive motion so my fingers are a bit sore! I also nearly finished a bunch of new cuff links - they are heavyweight uber-sleek cuff links...to match this ring:photos coming as soon I've polished them!!
Incidentally, I tried the onion bhaji crisps and they are by far the best of the options, so if you like onions, try those if you get a chance! :-)

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