10 Mar 2008

We are in the midst of a winter storm with high winds and lots of rain. Indeed, as I look out the window I see sheets of rain rolling across the houses. Thank goodness I don't have to go outside today!!!
One of my rings, the notch ring, is a cast item. That means I made it out of wax first and then got a mold made. The mold is then used to make multiple copies of the ring. With this particular ring, it doesn't really need to be cast because I can also make it from sheet. The problem with the cast rings is that the range of sizes is limited...you can't just keep stretching the ring because it will distort the shape too much or crack. So while I was in Singapore someone asked for this ring and I have made it out of sheet. But the result is actually much crisper and now I think it looks better without the notch in it. I have emailed some photos to the person who wanted it, so I'll see what she wants!
In other news, my friends Sally and Dave have launched their online tea towel business. Yes, that's right, designer tea towels! Need some encouragement to do the drying? Bored of tired old tea towels? Can't think of a gift for someone with quirky taste? See www.todryfor.com !!!!!!!!
So today I am aiming to finish one other commission ring and nearly finish two other rings. Then I will be ready to send a package for hallmarking. Hopefully all will go well with that plan and tomorrow I will be able to focus on replenishing my stock of small stud earrings - possibly with some new designs thrown in!

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Caroline said...

I think it looks great!