20 Mar 2008

Successful change yesterday to a functioning phone and internet connection, hurrah!
I am working on some cuff links at the moment - it's taking ages to get the finish right. It's hard to get a large-ish piece of flat sheet to be completely glossy. I'm using a wire brush finish, which means a lot of polishing, re polishing and some more polishing to make sure there are no stray marks. Also finishing off some rings and then I need to think about what order to do the rest of the things in.
It's very gloomy today, lots of rain. I'm waiting for a package - boxes for cufflinks and large earrings. I hope they arrive today because the postage cost a lot and was supposed to be 48 hour delivery.
Ehm, can't think of much else inspiring to write...just looking forward to tomorrow because the boy has the day off. It's a bank holiday for Easter.

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alabama whirly said...

Blimey, I have already been tagged here http://alabamawhirly.blogspot.com/2007/09/tagged_30.html - should I do it again??